(1 Unit) Removal of 8 tons ofJIS standard 13 substances*1 + 3 substances*2


The micro carbon cartridge comprises of porous carbon material with countless micro pores. Absorption of dissolved impurities is quick and fine particles of turbidity are completely removed. With the new forming method, by simply using micro carbon it has been possible to remove 13 JIS standard impurities and 3 Japan Voluntary Water Purifier Association Standards. The feature is easy flow of water, without clogging of the filter material.

Our Premium Micro Carbon CM2 Cartridge uses NSF certified activated carbon (jointly developed by our company). (NSF certified activated carbon maker / product number) • Kuraray Chemical Co., Ltd. / T-SCO 60/150 THM. • Futamura Chemical Co., Ltd. / CN820OG


The amount of hydrogen produced can be seen at a glance Dissolved hydrogen concentration indication (Standard)

Displays the concentration of hydrogen gas dissolved in the water produced when using hydrogen water mode (includes turbo function).

Example -- For 300 ppb, 300 μg of hydrogen gas is dissolved in 1 liter
Dissolved hydrogen concentration is the estimated value derived based on the electrolysis conditions.


It can be neatly fixed without taking up space Compact design

The depth is just 11.25 cm. Square type with height / width of approximately 24 cm sqr. Smart compact design that connects directly to the tap and can be fixed neatly on the side of the sink.


Higher production capacity compared to the regular hydrogen water mode

Installed with turbo function

As the water quality of tap water is not uniform throughout the country and it is difficult to increase the pH in some areas, <TRIM ION HYPER> is installed with turbo function, which increases the generating capacity, and it can be used according to the local tap water conditions.


Good bargain of approximately 4 Rupees even when compared with commercially available water

Running cost

Assuming the use of to be 215 days in a year, the running cost is approximately 4 Rupees (our estimation). It is an absolute bargain if you use it for the family.

● Depending on the area of use and the method of use, the amount would vary.

*1 Ø 13 JIS Standard Substances

*2 Ø 13 JIS Standard Substances