The difference between water conditioner and water purifier

Water purifiers remove impurities by filtering water.

The water conditioner further electrolyzes the purified water and creates alkaline electrolyzed hydrogen water that contains abundant hydrogen antioxidants.

Electrolyzed hydrogen water

Since hydrogen rich water is excellent in extraction power, when it is used for preparing soup, it removes the bitterness of vegetables. It brings out the flavor of the ingredients even when used in stew. Also, cooking rice comes out well and is more delicious.

Purified water

In addition to the 13 substances *1 specified in JIS (Japan Industrial Standard), it eliminates 3 substances *2 of Water purifier Association Voluntary Standard with higher grade functions as a water purifier

Acidic water

As it is a skin-friendly weak acidic water, use it for washing your face, and also for cleansing.