TRIM ION HYPER is a new generation high performance anti-oxidant water processor

TRIM ION HYPER is a double Auto-change Cross-line System

Antioxidant water is produced by using electrolysis. This is the same process used for metal plating, and as a result it always results in a film or scale forming on the electrodes. The better the electrolysis performance the greater the amount of scale. Eventually, as the scale accumulates,electrolysis performance deteriorates.

To prevent this problem the TRIM HYPER reverses the polarity of the electrodes each time a set volume of water has been treated. This causes the tank producing acidified water and the tank producing antioxidant water (alkaline) water to be switched as well. The lines to the two tanks are then switched over by using a valve. This process eliminates the scale that has built up on the electrodes in the electrolysis tanks and ensures that plentiful antioxidant water can be produced over a long period of time.

This setup is called the double auto-change cross -line system. In the TRIM HYPER it is used in places to prevent problems arising from variations in water pressure and to provide more stable production of antioxidant water.