Hassle-Free Intelligent Bilirubin Meter
HG - 220 APEL Compact Hemoglobin Meter- Made in Japan
State-of-the-Art Hemoglobmin Meter

Compact and Simple

No lamp replacement

Thanks to the LED. No lamp replace is required

Thanks to Auto-calibration, it is easy to start HG-220 for daily measurement.
Compact and Light weight

HG-220's foot print is small and weights around 1.0 kg.
Square and round cuvettes usables

In addition to square cuvettes, round cuvettes can also be used without adapters



Display 3 1/2-digit LED
Filter 540(mm)
Measuring Range g/dL: 0.00-30.0
Light source Bright Intensity LED
Detector Silicon photodiode
Minimum Sample volume 1.0mL
Accurasy ±1%
Dilution ratio 1:25l
Power AC adapter (Input 100-240VAC, output DC 12V 5A)
Dimensions 117(W) X 185(D) X 77(H) mm
Cuvettes square cuvette (12.5 X 12.5 X 45mm, outer size)
Round cuvette (Inner: 10mm, Outer:12mm, Length
Weight around 1 kg

Specifications and apperance are subject to change without notice.