Products List


1. Clinister Mist: A spray that can kill numerous pathogens in the atmosphere of a consulting room, ICU, ICCU, OT, BMT units to protect physicians and patients from cross contamination; including that of swine flu, MRSA, VRE etc.,

2. Ear Piercing Device: Safe and painless ear piercing device

3. EMRF Hyperthermia: Cancer treatment equipment with no side effects

4. Infusion Blood Warmer: A warming equipment to safely administer fluids and blood products to patients

5. Mani Coronary Knife: An ultra sharp exclusive range of blades for coronary artery surgery (CABG)

6. Nichi Glucan: Food supplement for those with Diabetes, metabolic syndrome and Dyslipidemia

7. Mani Opthalmic Blades: A range of superior most blades for all kinds of ophthalmic surgery

8. Surgical Gown : Pin-hole free, fluid resistant 5-layer material made gowns for surgeons, scrub nurses in OT;