What makes Mani Blades  Unique & Superior to other brands?


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  1. The material is different 2. The processing is different

  Mani's 18-8 steel Other brands steel Mani's cross lapped edge Other brands edge

Mani Inc., uses a specially processed, 18-8 Austenite steel to make the

blades, which is hard and break resistant; whereas other blades are made with ordinary stainless steel. The process of making the Austenite steel is a patented technology of Mani Inc., Japan.

The fine processing technique of MANI is used to make the blade edges with cross lapped finishing. The polishing is done at the blade flow direction parallel to vertical. This yields a superior sharpness.
3. The hardness & strength are different 4. The resulting incision is different


The above picture shows the result of bending strength of Mani steel (right) compared with an equivalent thickness of other brands steel (left). Mani steel is hard and break resistance as proved.

MANI blade's incision wound (Right) which is straight as the blades are ground on both front and back; whereas the other brand's incision wound is distorted (left).  
5. The sharpness is different 6. The packing is different

MANI blades were compared with other brands for it's sharpness. Pig sclera was penetrated with the blades and the resistance was continuously measured and given on the left, which shows the resistance being the least with MANI blades and therefore are the sharpest. Click here to see an enlarged image

MANI blades are packed individually in an exclusively made protective case which ensures the sharpness of the tip until reaches the surgeon.

Click here to see an enlarged image

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