Application & Features


1. By directly attaching tyhe silicone sheet to the surgical wound as a skin barrier, relieve the skin and shield it from externam stimuli.

2. Supress abnormal growth of the wound collagen, which can cause Hypertrophic scars and Keloids

Special features

1. Easy care: Simply stick the silicone sheet directly on the scar
2. Economical: Each sheet can be washed and used repeatedly (upto one month)
3. A thick, 4mm layer of silicone gel will gently protect your scar
4. Comes with extra adhesive tape so you can move around with ease
4. Colorless and transparent (100% pure silicone)
6. Mechanism of action (MOA): gently compresses through its weight; seals to skin firmly through its adhesive forece; mosturizes skin by its softness; cushions skin by its thickness

How to use

1. Choose an appropriate-sized silicon sheet that will fit the size of the wound
2. Wash the affected area well and pat dry before applying
3. Open the container, remove the Mom's Care* Lady Care contents, and attach the adhesive side of the sheet directly to the wound
4. If necessary, use the included adhesive tape to fix the sheet firmly to the wound.
5. Please remove before bathing (including showers). As the adhesive surface is likely to become dirtied with sebum, etc., over time. be sure to wash the sheet with a natural detergent or the like at least once a day and rinse well.
6. After cleaning, allow the sheet to air dry
7. Once the sheet is dry, it should be stored in the case.
8. Do not continue a prolonged use of one sheet. Each sheet may be used for up to one month, at which pint please switch to a new sheet.
9. Except when bathing, please keep the sheet afixed to the skin for as long as possible.
10. Pulling or stretching the sheet may damage it.