Medinippon website policies

1. Privacy and usage of the information

As we strive hard to keep up with the demand for information from our customers, we equally are committed to protect the privacy/personal information of our customers to keep up the mutual trust.

Kindly refrain from using the information without authorization

Please don't disclose the information exchanged with you to unrelated third parties.

If any such information reaches to you from our email domain, which are not meant for you, please delete such information and inform us.

2. Website links and copyright

The information contained herein which include the product information, images, trademark etc., is either the property of Medinippon healthcare or the relevant owners of the same from whom a permission has been obtained and their information is used herein.

The information on products are not guaranteed to be accurate and therefore please confirm with the concerned staff for accuracy and latest update.

Usage of the information in any manner beyond the permissible legal limits is strictly prohibited.

There could be delay in updates or change of the contents without notice or interruption in the internet services or website and Medinippon may not be held responsible for any damage that one may suffer due to the browsing of the website or usage of the information.

Some information provided herein may be relevant to the application of a medical device, usage /sale/purchase of which might require professional competence and regulatory approvals about which, one should abide by the local regulations.

As the policies mentioned above may keep changing please checking for the latest update.

Regarding the links to this website, please contact us as per the information provided in the contact us page, by email.

Providing any links to this website from any unlawful website or websites with competing interests to that of Medinippon are strictly prohibited.

Medinippon doesn't take responsibility of the websites to which external links are provided from this website.