Data sheet for Dealership/ Distributorship queries


If you are interested in becoming a dealer/ distributor for our products, please contact us at with the following details:


1. Registered name of your firm & Regn No:
2. Registered office:
3. Date of establishment:
4. Total authorized capital:
5. Board of directors/ Partners:
6. Person for contacting with his/her designation, postal address, telephone, fax numbers & email ID:
7. Total turnover (Last fiscal year)*:
8. Total no. of employees:
9. Regions/ states/ areas covered for marketing by you#:
10. No of marketing (exclusive) personnel:
11. Bankers:
12. List of  Products dealt with at present & Manufacturer/ supplier details
13. Products of your interest which are listed in our website
14. Special licenses & Government approvals: (Like export import, drug license, sales tax regn etc)


* That doesn't mean we discourage new ventures and fresh starters; as we ourselves were new some time ago.

# You may mention your plans if you don't have a market presence already.