Medi Nippon is an Indo-Japan JV firm bringing the best technologies and products in healthcare to India. With our base in Chennai, the medical capital of India, we are gradually expanding our territories in terms of physical coverage of other parts of India as well as the medical specialties and product range in medical equipments, devices and disposables.

     Echo Electricity, Japan

Path-breaking 5 Second tear Testing

        Nihon TRIM Co. Ltd.,

     Antioxidant Water Processor
                 for health

     Dream Touch, Japan

   Gentle, Safe & Sterile Ear Piercer

  Machida Endoscope Co.,

          Flexible Neuroendoscope

    Hogy Medical Co. Ltd. 
Surgical Gown and Protective Wear

      Muranaka Medical 

   From Muranaka for Neurosurgery

           APEL Co. Ltd.,

          Intelligent Bilirubin Meter

      Gyne Mom Co. Ltd.,

      Caesarean & Plastic Surgery
                 Skin Care


          Telemedica Inc.,

      Physical Examination Online  
            Education System