"Formaldehyde-Gas Sterilizer ECOPALZER"

1. Short time Processing - One operation 310 min

2. Low Running Cost - Pharmaceutical expense + Electricity bill = about US $4

3. Harmless to environment

4. Guarantee of Operator Safety - No-formaldehyde-gas-emission, odorless

5. Easy Operation - By touching screen display according to purpose of use
6. Various Subjects under Low Temperature Sterilization

The liquid crystal color touch panel for the final controlling element.

The screen display with the interactive system allows for easy operation. Sterilization process, the remaining time and any information are comprehensibly displayed. In addition, the pressure and the temperature in the process are indicated in the graph.

D & D system Decomposition & Detoxification

Sterilized gas emission to the outside will cause environmental pollution.

Needless to say; the strong odor and inhalation of residual formaldehyde-gas is harmful to health.

"D&D system", developed with environmental preservation in mind, is a radical system making detoxification and deodorization of formaldehyde-gas possible in a short time.

""D&D system"," has changed the future of formaldehyde-gas sterilization procedures.





Power Supply




Out    840 ×940×1745

I n   415×784×415


Three phase

200V /18A






Out    840 ×1012×1745

I n   415×800×415